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    School Introduction
    Teaching Staff
    Subject Construction
    Undergraduate Education
    Postgraduate Education
    Experiment Teaching
    Student Work
    Department of Mineral Resources Science and Engineering
    Department of Petroleum Geology
    Department of Petroleum Engineering
    Department of Sedimentary Basin
    Department of Resource Information Engineering

    School of Earth Resources of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) was founded in 1998 by merging the former Department of Petroleum Geology and Exploration, Department of Economic Geology and Mineral Exploration, and Institute of Mathematical and Remote Sensing Geology. Historically, it can be traced back to the Department of Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits of the Beijing College of Geology (BCG) that was established in 1952 as one of the first departments in BCG. School of Earth Resources has currently five academic departments/research institutions, which are Department of Mineral Resources Science and Engineering, Department of Petroleum Geology, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Department of Sedimentary Basin and Department of Resource Information Engineering.

    School of Earth Resources has one first-class national key discipline (Geological Resources and Geological Engineering), one provincial key disciplines (Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering).It has a well-established training system as “undergraduate - postgraduate (Master, PHD) (PhD) - postdoctoral”, creating a favorable condition of research and education for students. At present, full-time postgraduates includes 406 master degree students, 205 PhD students and 153 international students. In addition, many part-time postgraduates enroll School of Earth Resources for master and PhD degrees in geological engineering and petroleum and natural gas engineering.

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